Gnome Soda

Delicious Old Fashioned Flavour


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* Use 4 oz. Gnome Soda Extract for a 5 gallon batch for a full, rich flavour.
* DO NOT expose Gnome Flavour Extracts or yeast to high heat or direct sunlight.
* Keep Refridgerated.
* We STRONGLY recommend the use of Plastic 2-Liter Bottles or a Draft System.
* All new equipment should be rinsed off initially with tap water.
* Sanitation is the key to success in any brewing practice.
* A solution of 2 oz. unscented bleach to 5 gallons of water makes an effective sanitizer ( DO NOT USE ON STAINLESS STEEL). Soak equipment for 30 minutes and rinse THOROUGHLY with HOT tap water.
* Care must be taken to not overcarbonate.
* Typically no more than 1/8 of a teaspoon of
fresh yeast is required per gallon of soda to condition.
* Use a clean "neutral" type of champagne yeast.
* The maximum amount of time necessary to carbonate is 3 days at room temp.
* After conditioning, cool the bottles down to 35 F. QUICKLY. This will make the active yeast go dormant.
* Keep refridgerated bottles for up to a few weeks.
* Do not use more than 1 lb. of cane sugar or equivalents per gallon of beverage.